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Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin plans new conference on Obama

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will convene his Fourth National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Family History and Academic Records in Washington, DC on March 30-31. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004; the media later adopted the term “Birther” to identify Obama’s opponents. Andy has since disassociated himself from all of the extreme elements of the Birther movement. Andy will also be continuing his scholarly research in Hawai’i this summer. Andy has produced the only visual history of Obama’s origins (go to for the film in segments).

Fourth National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Family History and Academic Records

Washington, DC; March 30-31, 2012

Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama

February 25, 2012

Dear Reader,

For the past there years I have sponsored a national conference on Barack Obama’s family history, focusing on his missing birth certificate as well as his absent academic records. After last year’s conference President Obama produced what he said was a copy of his original birth certificate. Progress comes in small steps.

I am very excited to announce the Fourth National Conference on Barack Obama’s Family History and Missing Academic Records. We will be convening March 30-31 in Washington, DC. As in prior years we will require a nominal registration fee and photo identification so that we can make appropriate space planning efforts. All are welcome.

The national conferences have been followed by research trips to Hawai’i, and we are again planning for the 2012 research trip to Honolulu.

My prior activity has generated intense opposition from Obama’s supporters because my research is conducted on a scholarly basis, without any of the personal attacks and abuses which have been attributed to some of Obama’s other adversaries. Ironically, Obama benefits from the more unhinged elements of the “Birther” community because Obama uses their extreme accusations to energize his own left-wing “base.”

Since 2011 I have also been campaigning as an independent Republican for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. I’m not expected to win but I do intend to see that Republicans keep an eye on issues involving Obama’s origins. There is no shame in trying to win, even against long odds. Just ask Jeremy Lin.

If you go back and reread what I wrote in my bestselling book (Chapter One), and my Internet columns, many of which you can still find on the web, you will see that in 2007 I clearly predicted the failure of Obama’s presidency due to his lack of leadership potential.

The British scholar Isaiah Berlin popularized the poetry of the “hedgehog and the fox.” (“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”). Obama is a political hedgehog who knows one big thing: how to campaign for office and for his own self-aggrandizement. He does it surpassingly well at those activities. And my Republican competitors still don’t have a clue how to campaign against him.

In my professional opinion Obama cannot succeed as a president because of his personality structure. His mind is hard-wired for obedience and subservience, not command authority. I don’t dislike Obama. He seems a nice enough man. But he is no president and no commander-in-chief; I predicted as much in 2007.

To the argument that Obama “killed” Bin Laden and Al-Awaki, I respond that he was under extreme pressure from the intelligence community to do so. He knuckled under to the spooks when he authorized the termination of those terrorists. Nothing more.

Having studied Obama closely since his days in the Illinois legislature I am probably the only Republican presidential candidate who actually understands Obama’s political DNA and also understands how to defeat him in November.

Unlike Donald Trump, who blatantly lied about sending “investigators to Hawai’i,” and claimed his people were discovering information “you wouldn’t believe what they found,” I do not lie to you or the public, or insult your intelligence.

We can certainly have a civil discussion in Washington about the impact of the birth document Obama handed out in May, 2011. If Obama released a copy of his original paperwork why won’t Hawai’i now provide public access to the original? There has been a total waiver of confidentiality. Maybe a new lawsuit is in order. If Hawai’i continues to prevent access to the original, reasonable people can be suspicious about why that original certificate is being kept from public view. It is a basic principle of scholarly research to examine originals, not copies of historical records. Why won’t Obama formally allow me and other scholars to view the hard-copy original? His continuing secrecy and silence on disclosure may be why tens of millions of Americans continue to have doubts about Obama's origins.

There is a “snake” email that has been circulating for years and claims that Obama’s academic records are going to the Supreme Court for review. I get copies of it periodically. The email is false. Another huckster made a fortune filing bogus claims with the U. S. Supreme Court and asking people to contribute to his scam. There are more anti-Obama hucksters out there. I do not hesitate to expose anti-Obama frauds and fakers.

On the other hand a new book on Obama’s father last year opened up new avenues of discussion about his family origins. There is lots of new material to discuss since the Third Conference in 2011. For example, I am very suspicious why Obama’s administration released confidential government records about his father to a liberal journalist from the Boston Globe and has not made the records available to conservative researchers.

Some people are now filing election cases challenging Obama's eligibility to run as a candidate for president (I am not linked to any of the lawsuits). While most of these have been thrown out, I will be curious to see if anyone can provide a case where actual progress is being made. Way back in 2008 I expressed my doubt that the courts would ever involve themselves in issues concerning Obama’s past.

My conference is designed to provide an opportunity for rational discussion and debate based on the Obama “archive.” Whether you love Obama or dislike him, Obama is a fact of American history. I have helped to write the first draft of Obama’s history. I invite others to join me in discussing what we know, and what we still don’t know, about his past.

Although I am a candidate for president my conferences have always been nonpartisan. You can see tapes of last year’s discussion on my YouTube channel,

There’s a lot to talk about and we will have both a civil and scholarly discussion about Barack Obama’s family history and academic history.

We will also discuss my upcoming investigative trip to Hawai’i to conduct ongoing research on Obama’s family history. You are also welcome to join us in Hawai’i. I still believe my theory (underline: not a “fact”) that Frank Marshal Davis is Obama’s biological father will be vindicated in time. I’d love to speak with Frank’s descendents about my thoughts. DNA anyone?

We will send out a registration form in a day or two in case you will be in Washington and want to attend in March. It’s also a beautiful time of year to be in the nation’s capital.

If you can’t make the conference or the trip to Honolulu but want to support the investigative work of the Committee of One Million, you can send a check payable to the Committee of One Million. Everyone is a volunteer and every penny goes to support Obama research.



Republican candidate for

President of the United States



Washington Hilton (please ask for Andy Martin suite)

1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20009


Friday-Saturday, March 30-31, 2012


Friday, March 30, 2012 8:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Saturday, March 31, 2012 10:00 A.M. – 12 noon


Pre-registration is required. You must have a Photo ID to attend. (A registration form is being prepared.)


Media are welcome with bona fide credentials.

To contact Andy Martin in Washington on March 30-31, cell phone (917) 664-9329 (phone doesn’t work during the conference or subway travel) or in the late afternoon (Friday) or morning (Saturday) via the hotel at (202) 483-3000 (ask for Andy Martin).

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