Monday, August 10, 2009

Dirty tricks seek to block Andy Martin’s Obama birth certificate video

Barack Obama’s dirty tricksters are seeking to delay and disrupt the debut of Andy Martin’s birth certificate conference on the Internet. “What are they afraid of?” Martin asks as he files a civil rights complaint with FBI and Department of Justice. “The truth?”

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August 10, 2009

Hon. Eric Holder
Attorney General
Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
via fax (202) 307-6777


Robert Grant, SAC
Federal Bureau of Investigation
2111 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
via fax (312) 829-5732

Re: Criminal Conspiracy Against U. S. Senate
candidate by, inter alia, Scott Shirley and
Maryland Judge Cheryl McCally

Dear General Holder and SAC Grant:

I believe my campaign for the U. S. Senate has become the target of criminal activity by supporters of President Barack Obama. That is not to say Mr. Obama himself is aware of the activity of his agents or supporters.

In order to alert you to the dirty tricks operation which is being conducted against me, and the latest acts of harassment and intimidation, I am formally filing a complaint with your offices and asking than an investigation be initiated. The actions of Judge Cheryl McCally appear outrageous. She issued a “peace order” because I filed a complaint against a dishonest business with the better business bureau. Judge McCally’s behavior is suspect.

Maryland state courts have no personal jurisdiction over me. I have not set foot in the state in decades.

The U. S. Attorney General, of course, is a political associate and appointee of the president. Therefore because the following facts invoke memories of Watergate-style dirty tricks, I wanted the highest levels of the Department of Justice to be alerted to what was transpiring at the lower reaches of President Obama’s political apparatus.

1. The applicable criminal law

Title 18, § 245 (b) “Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law,…or interferes with, or attempts to inure, intimidate or interfere with- (1) (A) campaigning as a candidate for elective office…”

2. Background facts – 2008

During the recently-concluded presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s campaign leaders determined that my activity posed a threat to his election. Obama supporters accused me of being at the center of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and I probably cost Obama millions of votes by relentlessly publicizing the facts, or rather the missing facts and false facts, about his past.

My book “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” generated great controversy and my writing became the basis for books by other authors as well.

The Obama campaign then began a campaign of harassment and intimidation. In particular, Robert Gibbs appeared on Fox News to smear me with false accusations of racism based on a judicial proceeding which was over a quarter of a century old and which had no relationship to the 2008 presidential campaign.

In addition, I believe that Obama supporters also published a false “biography” of me on a web site. We are planning litigation to determine who was behind the bogus biography.

I have continued to actively oppose President Obama’s policies, as well as continued to shed light on his birth origins and links to organized crime figures in Chicago.

3. Current facts related to this criminal complaint

a. In April, I convened a conference at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, DC on Barack Obama’s missing birth certificate and educational records. The conference has a separate blog:

b. Prior to the conference I was contacted by a person who identifies himself as John Borlaza, but who apparently is fact John Gilchrist (“B/G”), 3305 Peoria Avenue, Beggs, OK 74421. B/G asked if anyone was going to tape the conference. I said no and authorized Mr. Borlaza/Gilchrest to look for a taping service at his expense. B/G located Scott Shirley of ADR Productions in Rockville.

c. It was understood at all times, as the documents confirm, that I was the copyright owner of the conference material. Mr. B/G was making payment, but I was the intended third party beneficiary of the agreement for payment between Shirley and B/G.

d. I met Mr. Shirley at my conference and his firm taped the two days of proceedings. Our interaction could not have been more pleasant. Mr. Shirley noted that he was one of the “few people” who could have taped the sessions, because his sympathies were (I’m not sure exactly what words he used) neutral to conservative.

e. After the conference ended, Mr. Shirley prepared a “trailer” or prevue of the conference, indicating that more of the conference was coming. The trailer was a very creative work and I was favorably impressed. Mr. Shirley has since removed this trailer from the Internet. Approximately 3,000 persons viewed the trailer. Mr. Shirley clearly identified me as the copyright owner in his material. (If someone sees this letter and has downloaded the trailer from the YouTube video, perhaps they will provide a copy of the trailer to me, and I will provide it to Holder and Grant.)

f. Mr. Shirley and Mr. Borlaza asked me to provide “edits” of the conference so the final version of the meetings could be prepared for posting on the Internet. Mr. Shirley sent me a watermarked copy of the original materials; I prepared the edits and sent them to him at the beginning of May.

g. Because I was impressed with Mr. Shirley’s creativity in preparing the trailer, I asked him if he would be interested in editing a video movie which we were gong to shoot in Hawai’i. Mr. Shirley said he was interested and I should send my tapes to him, which I did on my return from Hawai’i in mid-May. (The Hawai’i tapes were returned at the end of July after my complaints.)

h. I heard nothing further from Shirley for a month, so I sent him an e-mail, to which he did not respond. I also called him in mid-June, asking about his progress on both projects. He told me he would be done with the Hawai’i project in “about a week,” and I said “fine.” He said he would then complete the Washington conference and I asked him to do so as soon as possible. Once again, our conversation could not have been more pleasant, and I had no reason to suspect Shirley was engaged in a conspiracy seeking to defeat my copyright rights.
i. During July the “Obama birth certificate” issue exploded in the nation’s media, and Mr. Shirley was still silent. I did not hear from him about either the Hawai’i or Washington projects. I began to contact him by phone and e-mail because his fax machine does not work. Mr. Shirley did not respond.

j. When Mr. Shirley refused to respond, I filed complaints with the Washington, DC Better Business Bureau, as well as the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (see enclosed).

k. In response, Mr. Shirley replied to the BBB (as of today I have not yet seen a response to the Montgomery County complaint) and said he was willing to sell me the original tapes. I responded to the BBB, and also contacted Mr. Shirley.

l. On Friday, August 7th I received a bizarre Express Mail communication from Shirley telling me not to contact him and attacking me because of my criticism of the president. Mr. Shirley or someone behind him was seeking to convert a simple business transaction into a political dispute. Unfortunately, I apparently neglected to file this letter when I left town, but I will provide it to you when I get back to my principal office. The letter was bizarre.

It became apparent to me that Mr. Shirley was no longer engaged in a simple commercial transaction, but had joined forces with Obama agents to misappropriate my copyrighted material. He is actively obstructing my use of the conference records in interstate commerce and as part of my political campaign.

m. Saturday, August 8th at about 4:15 P.M. a Cook
County Deputy Sheriff appeared at my door, forced her way in, and served me with a Maryland Court order signed by Judge Cheryl Ann McCally. A copy of Judge McCally’s bizarre documents accompany this letter. Shirley committed a criminal act in the Maryland courts when he falsely attested that he claimed he was in “reasonable fear of serious bodily injury or death.” (See attached). This was a perjurious claim, since other than threatening Mr. Shirley with legal process, I have never threatened him personally in any manner.

n. What is interesting is that in his detailed
reply to the BBB, Mr. Shirley never mentioned any threats from me, and certainly no threats amounting to a “reasonable fear of serious injury or death.” He concocted these claims for Judge McCally. This perjurious claim was concocted in order to procure the issuance of a bogus court order from Judge McCally, and to harass and intimidate me and disrupt my campaign for the U. S. Senate. I have had to put my campaign on hold while I respond to McCally’s bogus order.

o. I will be filing a civil lawsuit against McCally, Montgomery County, Shirley and Gilchrist, as well as Obama’s “John Does” who are now manipulating Shirley. Shirley is acting in a manner that reflects he is obviously being manipulated or controlled by unidentified persons. Either they went to Shirley to buy my tapes to obstruct my copyright, or he went out trying to resell my tapes to Obama sources. Either explanation constitutes criminal interference with my intellectual property. I do not know who is involved.

Outrageously, Judge McCally gave me two business days to disrupt my campaign, leave Chicago and appear in her court. This is intentional harassment by a judge whose impartiality and integrity are now subject to serious question.

p. Mr. Borlaza/Gilchrist made clear at all times that I was the owner of the copyright and, ultimately, of the tapes which contained my copyrighted material. I have not heard from B/G for a couple of months. He appears to be an increasingly suspicious presence and may in fact be an Obama operative or supporter. I don’t know.

q. Judge McCally ordered me to suspend my
campaign, leave Chicago and appear in her courtroom with two days notice. This is a significant interference with my campaign. Judge McCally is either professionally incompetent as a judge, in that she signs serious court orders which are facially bogus, or she is a political hatchet operator who is acting in concert and conspiracy with Shirley and his Obama-related operatives. No sensible judge would act the way she did.

r. Because Mr. Shirley’s accusations were patently false and perjurious, he committed a criminal act in the Montgomery County District Court. I am contacting the prosecutor’s office to proffer charges.

4. Request for federal criminal investigation

a. Barrack Obama and his supporters are not going to be allowed to use the federal and state judicial machinery as part his plan to harass his political opponents, either directly or indirectly through the use of fronts such as Shirley.

The idea that Obama operatives have conspired to essentially take control of a person such as Mr. Shirley, and to seek to obstruct my access to my intellectual property, all of which related to Obama’s missing birth certificate, is as close to a Watergate-style conspiracy as I have seen in a long time.

I bear the president no ill will, but I am a political opponent who is a candidate for his former senate seat. The idea that he is taking people like Shirley and using them to harass me with perjurious accusations is a federal criminal matter.

As I indicated at the beginning of this letter, Obama himself may be unaware of the actions of his operatives. But he is responsible for their conduct. This latest episode comes as a part of a continuing pattern of dirty tricks by Obama’s associates directed against me personally, and my professional and political activity.

I therefore ask that you open a criminal investigation, and appoint either the Northern District of Illinois or District of Maryland to conduct a criminal investigation of Shirley, Judge McCally and their associates.

I also ask to be called before one of the grand juries sitting in one of those districts to testify about the facts of this episode.

Please feel free to contact me for further information as it becomes available.

Respectfully submitted,



W/encl. (various exhibits)