Saturday, April 4, 2009

Andy Martin releases

Obama conference declares economic war on the State of Hawai’i

Hawai’i tourism, products and businesses are being “quarantined” to prompt full disclosure concerning Barack Obama by Hawai’i state officials and school officials. “Big surprise” at Obama birth certificate conference turns out to be a worldwide boycott of the State of Hawai’i.

National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate and College Records April 3-4
Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
Headquarters mail:
Andy Martin, J. D.
Professor of Law (Adj.)
Executive Director
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Obama conference announces boycott of Hawai’i tourism, businesses and products will expand scope to “quarantine” the State of Hawai’i because of the refusal of state and school officials to release historical documents relating to Barack Obama

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin launches a worldwide effort to enlist the People of Hawai’i and tourists everywhere in securing access to historical records on Barack Obama

Martin charges Hawai’i officials with egregiously violating Hawai’i state law

Washington, DC conference heads for the Internet


April 4, 2009

(WASHINGTON, DC)(April 4, 2009) The first National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate today issued a declaration of economic war against the State of Hawai’i and announced a boycott of Hawai’i tourism, products and businesses.

“We announce today a ‘quarantine’ of the State of Hawai’i, its tourism, products and businesses, unless and until Hawai’i officials and Punahou School officials release vital historical records relating to President Barack Obama.

The first National Conference on Barack Obama’s missing birth certificate and school records was convened in Washington, DC April 3rd and 4th. The conference was professionally recorded and will be edited for placement on the Internet.

“Almost five (5)years ago when I began writing about Barack Obama, he probably ignored me,” said Executive director Andy Martin. “But I am the only one of his critics he has sent his mouthpiece Robert Gibbs on national television to slime. Obviously, they are paying attention. Their attempts to smear me have backfired. They are becoming the demons, not me. Obama unleashed his rabid partisans to smear me in the New York Times, but the efforts failed. More people believe me than believe Obama about his missing birth certificate and religious roots.

“At today’s conference we discussed the differences between ‘communication’ and ‘leadership.’ No one denies that with a teleprompter placed in front of him, Barack Obama is a great speech reader. I wrote the first column on his ‘teleprompter addiction’ was back in January, 2008. I said that scripting a speech on ‘sincere thanks’ was the ultimate form of insincerity.

“But there is a world of difference between entertaining and leading. Obama has shown us he can entertain. He has not shown us he can lead. Mainstream media are now using the euphemism ‘permanent campaign’ to reflect Obama’s lack of leadership. He ‘campaigns’ but he can’t ‘lead.’

“During the conference I placed myself in the role of Obama’s closest adviser, and explained to BHO how his obsession with secrecy was corroding his administration and destroying his legitimacy with the American people. If he won't trust the American people with the truth about his past, ultimately the American people will stop trusting him.

“Today, we hold ‘elections’ not just every four years, but every day with the 24-hour news cycle, polls and focus groups. It is clear that voter support for Obama is slowly declining.

“I also told Obama that if he won't release the facts about his past when he is in a strong position, the ultimate release of his birth certificate and school records will have a devastating impact when they are released at a future date when he may be politically weaker.

“Many people are still angry, frustrated or simply ‘Doubting Thomases’ about Obama’s past. A Pew poll this past week found a large segment still believes he is a Muslim.
The Associated Press wrote that the public still is concerned with ‘rumors’ about Obama. These concerns are not ‘rumors.’ They are unanswered questions and unexplained facts.

“The movement will afford every person anywhere in the world a powerful new weapon to punish the State of Hawai’i for concealing historical records concerning Obama. I will be writing to the Punahou School, asking them to obtain permission to release his Punahou records.

“Friday I exposed how the Hawai’i Governor, Linda Lingle, had mailed me a package of empty materials, without the particularized documentation I had requested. She violated Hawai’i law. I don't understand why Lingle thinks she is helping herself by subordinating her office to the Hawai’i Attorney General. Lingle is an independent constitutional officer.

“Economic war will take its toll on Hawai’i. Not today, not tomorrow and not next week. Not all at once. But the cumulative impact over time will be devastating. Republicans first, then Independents and Democrats, and ultimately international tourists, will shun the island because of the mendacity of its state officials and government.

If Obama realizes anything from my five years of digging for the truth about his past, he knows that I will be a persistent ‘Moses’ who is leading the American people to the promised land of truth and documentation about Obama’s Hawai’i years and his college years. Mr. 'Joshua' Obama, meet your 'Moses.'

“The boycott has begun. When will the truth emerge?” Martin said. ”The conference was taped. It will be edited and placed on the Internet. The questions will not go away. The boycott will not go away. We fight for truth, facts and evidence, nothing more. We will accept nothing less.”



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  1. "More people believe me than believe Obama about his missing birth certificate and religious roots."

    Not so.

  2. Hey, Martin. How many people are at your "conference"? Does the boycott mean your followers who don't now buy Kona coffee or macadamia nuts will not buy those products in the future?

  3. Face it, Reagan and the republicans are when Obama was six and went to indonesia, he had a fake birth certificate because smoeday his mother knew he would be president --- by the way Dumbo, the governor of Hawaii is a republican...if she could have couphed up these records, she would have been the VP candidate. You are so lame.


    Please go there and then try not to be to embarassed

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